Quality Chrome Plating is all we do. We will be up front in telling you if we can
determine the lack of merit to completing a job to perfection. We will not be
the shop that saves you a few dollars or cuts corners. Instead, if you are
wanting the BEST possible quality workmanship in the Chrome Plating
Business, our services are here for you.

Quality Chrome Plating takes 13 steps regardless of the size or shape of the
part to be chromed. This is one of the largest misconceptions about the
chrome plating business and where the line is drawn between quality and
best price chrome.

1. Part cleaning by chemical and bead blast media:
This first initial step removes all grease, contamination and surface
materials not to be used.

2. Copper Plating:

Copper is like the base primer for a great paint job. It gives both materials the
adhesion to the parent metal.

3. Buffing:
After each application of anything to the surface, a full buffing detail is
required. This is where MUCH of the time invested in QUALITY work is

4. Acid Copper:
Another coating to give the top surface adhesion and base color.

5. Buffing

6. Nickle Plating:
Another step to increase the hardness of the chrome for a lasting finish.

7. Buffing

8. Chrome plating step 1

9. Buffing

10. Chrome plating step 2

11. Buffing

12. Chrome plating step 3

13. Final Buffing and sealant.
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